quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2019

Perl Weekly Challenge 004

This week I submitted my solutions via a pull request to the GitHub's repository.

This was the first time I solved the first problem, because it was interesting:
Write a script to output the same number of PI digits as the size of your script. Say, if your script size is 10, it should print 3.141592653.
After seeing a few solutions by other people I feel that my solution is a little dumb. I wrote the smallest script I could write, saw its size and edited back the number of characters I wanted. Some other solutions use clever ways to grok the scripts size dynamically.

The second problem was interesting too:
You are given a file containing a list of words (case insensitive 1 word per line) and a list of letters. Print each word from the file than can be made using only letters from the list. You can use each letter only once (though there can be duplicates and you can use each of them once), you don’t have to use all the letters. (Disclaimer: The challenge was proposed by Scimon Proctor)
My solution is similar to others I saw after having written it. It's not particularly clever, but I find it very readable. This is how it works in my Linux box:

$ ./ch-2.pl /usr/share/dict/words Perl

That's it for this week.

After a while I came up with a new solution to the second problem which is more concise because it's written in a more functional style. But it depends on the List::Util module.

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